It is a well-known fact that most truck drivers and owners in India think only about maximizing profit. We are a nation that celebrates the idea of jugaad, always looking for a short cut.

Which is why when it comes to replacing worn out parts in commercial vehicles, the temptation to install substandard spurious or non-branded spares gets the better of many a transporter. They forget that the performance, efficiency and life of the vehicle are all severely impacted, leading to frequent breakdowns and loss of profit.

To highlight the perils of such behavior, we created an on-ground promotional campaign for Tata Genuine Parts. The idea was to link the health of the vehicle to the health of the owner/driver. Ergo, Sehat Yatra.

The activation was conducted across 45 cities in 5 states over 50 days. A team of promoters, doctors and mechanics educated the commercial vehicle owners/drivers on the importance of the genuine parts. It was conducted at dhabas where the target audience is in a more relaxed frame of mind. Taking it beyond a mere academic exercise, discount coupons were distributed to encourage sales and allow the target audience to sample the Tata Genuine Parts brand experience.

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