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Of a brand coming back to life.

In the world of vehicle spares… have you ever wondered what happens to the parts that are discarded and replaced by shiny new parts?

Well, before you say ‘Wall-E’ or ‘Toy Story,’ the parts are usually saved from a tragic fate. Common sense and environmental responsibility dictate that the parts be recycled again. And for Tata Motors that particular responsibility was borne by a division called RECON.


Was because now that arm of Tata Motors has been renamed: Prolife.

So when we were handed the brief to redo the identity for Prolife, formerly known as Recon, we were sure about three things even before we put pen to paper. One – it needs to reflect rejuvenation, obviously; two – it needs to be assertive about the quality and value the brand stands for; and three – it needs to tie in with existing Tata Motors image.

The design team came up with dozen-odd options and after much pulling, pushing and tweaking this was the result.

The rhombic shape encapsulating the logo represents the Tata Motors quality assurance, the sparkles the newness of the products on offer under Prolife.


A graphic style was created for future communication, the first of which were used at the launch at the Tata Motors HQ.