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Weaving magic with Silk

It is not everyday you get to work on a brand you enjoy yourself. So when we were asked to design the retail experience for the New Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk across India’s Modern Trade Outlets (MTOs), we were on cloud nine.

The brief was straightforward: Portray the product as smoother, softer and silkier. But we soon realised that it was not as simple as it seemed. After all this was this not a brand that rode the airwaves with a much loved campaign? The jingle played on loop for hours and hours while the team thrashed out concept and filled the bins with empty Silk wrappers (we sought inspiration). Finally, just as the deadline drew close, a concept was shortlisted – let’s keep it direct, keep it seductive. Let’s bring out the brand essence by showing the chocolate bar draped in silk.

Layout approved, we commissioned a shoot overseen by Nilav (Account Manager) and Manoj & Naresh (Art Director). We had the printing done in-house to ensure the quality the job deserved. The result: a creative we are proud of. Besides the banner, standee, poster, display stand and shelf parasite, we also ended up doing the trade launch collaterals. Yay!

In the words of Cadbury “As expected, the design was effective and well-executed!” Team Green Apple Design is kicked about working on such a high profile brand and proud to be associated with it. How could we not? We are still licking our fingers!

Be seriously tempted!!!



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