MKU: Exhibition at Defexpo 2014, Delhi

Defexpo 2014, one of the largest exhibition on Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems  held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, was the place to be at , if you are from the defense and related sector.

MKU had a large stall of 180 sqm, which served as a platform not only to increase visibility but also to make an impression. The stall we fabricated for them served just the same purpose. With a welcoming and ambient design, it definitely made an impression on all who visited the stall and invited accolades.

MKU 3d 01

MKU 3d 02






When it comes to reconditioned spares, certain questions are bound to present themselves in the customer’s mind. Is the part going to perform as well as a new part? Can I trust it to not breakdown? What is the value proposition?

We designed an Experience Zone to help dispel the customer’s doubts and allow them a chance to engage with the actual products on offer by Tata Motor’s reconditioned spares division – Prolife. (We also did their identity and helped them rebrand themselves a few months back, check this link.) Backed by prominent branding and pertinent information, the first of this display unit was installed at Surat dealership in Gujarat in December.

As expected, it drew the attention from the visitors to the dealership, leading to enquiries and questions about the offerings. True to the maxim jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai, this experience zone is helping Prolife win new customers one visitor at a time.


02 03


How do you make the reader relive an epic journey on each page of the calendar? This was the challenge facing the art team. Not making things easy was the style they settled on—featuring montages, so every page looked like it was out of a scrapbook, capturing dramatic, all-action scenes from the journeys.

Using images, illustrations and a ton of graphic work over a month, we finally managed to put together the design which did justice to the theme. The result is now for you to see!

Table Calendar

Table Calendar


Wall Calendar



It is a well-known fact that most truck drivers and owners in India think only about maximizing profit. We are a nation that celebrates the idea of jugaad, always looking for a short cut.

Which is why when it comes to replacing worn out parts in commercial vehicles, the temptation to install substandard spurious or non-branded spares gets the better of many a transporter. They forget that the performance, efficiency and life of the vehicle are all severely impacted, leading to frequent breakdowns and loss of profit.

To highlight the perils of such behavior, we created an on-ground promotional campaign for Tata Genuine Parts. The idea was to link the health of the vehicle to the health of the owner/driver. Ergo, Sehat Yatra.

The activation was conducted across 45 cities in 5 states over 50 days. A team of promoters, doctors and mechanics educated the commercial vehicle owners/drivers on the importance of the genuine parts. It was conducted at dhabas where the target audience is in a more relaxed frame of mind. Taking it beyond a mere academic exercise, discount coupons were distributed to encourage sales and allow the target audience to sample the Tata Genuine Parts brand experience.

01 02 03


The revolutionary Partspedia app brings the entire Tata Genuine Parts range at your fingertips. Partspedia app gives you the easiest way to find wide range of parts manufactured by TATA Genuine Parts.

Distributors and Retailers can now have all the information they need at the palm of their hands 24/7. They don’t have to look up for information regarding specs, price and benefits in the bulky catalogues. A person can do quick and customized searches in a matter of seconds.

It’s simple interface and easy navigation has made it the new wonder tool of the automotive industry. With more than 500 uploads in less than a month the initial response has been phenomenal. Currently the app enjoys a 4 Star rating on iOS and Android platforms.

Our constant team effort is to optimize the app to a point where it becomes a perfect utility tool for the people connected to the automotive industry. Watch out for version 2.0 in February, it will be epic.

Partspedia - TATA Genuine Parts Partspedia - TATA Genuine Parts


The occasion was one of the premier security technology sales exhibitions in the world, where we had to make the MKU presence felt.
Milipol Trade Show is internationally famed for its professionalism and the quality of its exhibitors. It draws participants from around the world, and across security sectors. We designed and created the stall, keeping in view the need to strategically display and demonstrate premier security equipments.

MKU 02 03 04


We will be honest. We are all chocolate lovers, here at Green Apple Design. So imagine our excitement when Cadbury engaged us to conceptualize & provide a solution for the retail presence for a new product under the Bournville bouquet – Mocha Almond.

Since the product was unique, so should be the design, we decided. We incorporated the bold yellow hues of the pack into the creative, playing it off the contrast of the rich dark browns of the coffee beans. The result was a creative concept that stopped people in their tracks carried ahead to floor standing unit and danglers that induced cravings in all those who set eyes on them.

01- poster

Cadbury Mocha FSU

Cadbury Mocha Dangler

Of a brand coming back to life.

In the world of vehicle spares… have you ever wondered what happens to the parts that are discarded and replaced by shiny new parts?

Well, before you say ‘Wall-E’ or ‘Toy Story,’ the parts are usually saved from a tragic fate. Common sense and environmental responsibility dictate that the parts be recycled again. And for Tata Motors that particular responsibility was borne by a division called RECON.


Was because now that arm of Tata Motors has been renamed: Prolife.

So when we were handed the brief to redo the identity for Prolife, formerly known as Recon, we were sure about three things even before we put pen to paper. One – it needs to reflect rejuvenation, obviously; two – it needs to be assertive about the quality and value the brand stands for; and three – it needs to tie in with existing Tata Motors image.

The design team came up with dozen-odd options and after much pulling, pushing and tweaking this was the result.

The rhombic shape encapsulating the logo represents the Tata Motors quality assurance, the sparkles the newness of the products on offer under Prolife.


A graphic style was created for future communication, the first of which were used at the launch at the Tata Motors HQ.



Parent’s Office is the Child’s Playground

Last week, TATA Motors, our client, threw open the gates to their offices in Lower Parel and Thane to the kids of all employees. They entrusted us with the responsibility of hosting the party.

It is a fact – every kid wonders what mama and papa do away from home at office. Kids like to know where their parents go to work, who their friends are and what is it they do there. So every year TATA Motors has a ‘Kids at Work’ day. This year, they wanted it all the more memorable. And memorable it was…

We got their attention right at the door, where a mascot greeted the kid with the gift – a fundoo backpack stuffed with goodies. The kids were shepherded into conference rooms by promoters and cafeterias which were converted into auditoriums for talent shows and the much anticipated magic show. Once the kids had their fill of gawking at the office and opening and shutting drawers, they were encouraged to redesign the parent’s cubicle using the materials packed in the backpack. Cakes were cut to mark the occasion. Tasty snacks kept everyone’s energy levels high. The highlight of the day was the incredible magic show. Pigeons vanished and voila, smiles materialized. And then were the prizes, too. For the best performances, paintings and the decoration jobs, and surprise gifts for no reason in particular! Fair to say, the event was a hit with kids of all ages.

As we watched tired kids leave the offices taking with them happy memories of the day past the end, we overheard a cheery parent quipping: “I hope the kids don’t start believing that this is what happens at our offices every day!”

Why not, we say. Work and party go hand in hand at Green Apple Design! :-)

Photo Session

Photo Session









TATA Express

TATA Express







Magic Show

Magic Show







Desk Decoration

Desk Decoration







Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cake Cutting Ceremony







Spot Games

Spot Games







Talent Show

Talent Show







Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution










Weaving magic with Silk

It is not everyday you get to work on a brand you enjoy yourself. So when we were asked to design the retail experience for the New Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk across India’s Modern Trade Outlets (MTOs), we were on cloud nine.

The brief was straightforward: Portray the product as smoother, softer and silkier. But we soon realised that it was not as simple as it seemed. After all this was this not a brand that rode the airwaves with a much loved campaign? The jingle played on loop for hours and hours while the team thrashed out concept and filled the bins with empty Silk wrappers (we sought inspiration). Finally, just as the deadline drew close, a concept was shortlisted – let’s keep it direct, keep it seductive. Let’s bring out the brand essence by showing the chocolate bar draped in silk.

Layout approved, we commissioned a shoot overseen by Nilav (Account Manager) and Manoj & Naresh (Art Director). We had the printing done in-house to ensure the quality the job deserved. The result: a creative we are proud of. Besides the banner, standee, poster, display stand and shelf parasite, we also ended up doing the trade launch collaterals. Yay!

In the words of Cadbury “As expected, the design was effective and well-executed!” Team Green Apple Design is kicked about working on such a high profile brand and proud to be associated with it. How could we not? We are still licking our fingers!

Be seriously tempted!!!



Dangler & Parasite